The Brief

Beckworth Emporium, near Mears Ashby between Northampton and Wellingborough, planned to invest £2m on an upgrade that would reorganise the whole site. Demand for the restaurant meant additional space was required to cope with the high volumes of customers. There was also a 1,200m2 new building to accommodate warehousing and office needs required on site. Altogether 3,970m2 of existing buildings would be demolished and replaced with 4,300m2 of new facilities. Additional parking spaces would also be introduced.

  • Design
    Bridging Old and New

    Existing buildings were integrated with new structures to seamlessly provide a new retail and restaurant space

  • Deliver
    New Facilities

    Beckworth now benefits from new kitchen facilities, new restaurant, and new warehousing and office space

The Solution

Newspan worked closely with the owner, David Brown, to provide their expertise on both new build projects and the refurbishment of existing garden centre frames. The existing buildings were refurbished to utilise the steel frames already on site, to save money and disruption of demolishing and rebuilding on the same footprint. A new building was erected and tied in the new roof on the existing buildings to provide a complete makeover on site.

The restaurant has been extended and capacity is now nearly double, a new kitchen has been installed and both customer toilets and staff facilities have been improved. As well as the improvements to the restaurant and kitchen, other areas have been improved too. There is now a separate entrance and exit and horticulture is three times the size it was before and now wraps around the restaurant, surrounding customers with a view of plants. The warehouse and office building has provided a more efficient space to deal with stock and the staff have brand new facilities to work from and take a break in.

Newspan Director Mark Murray was thrilled with the outcome; “We liked Beckworth from the first time we visited. The products and service they offer is fantastic – we were excited to deliver a building that would become the focal point of the site. I’m really pleased with the end result, our guys have done a great job and the customer is happy”.

Special Projects

Newspan’s structures can be adapted to suit many public access applications.