The Brief

Squires Garden Centres were looking to refurbish extend their existing plant canopy and convert an existing canopy into an insulated building, to extend their cafe seating area. The canopy extension needed to link with an existing canopy and integrate with both the existing building and the newly refurbished and converted canopy.


  • Design
    Existing building footprint utilised

    The conversion of the canopy reduced building costs and programme duration.

  • Deliver
    New build and refurbishment seamlessly integrated

    Tailor made insulated gutters and precise steel detailing allowed us to integrate the new and existing buildings as one.

The Solution

The five span canopy was extended by Newspan and fitted with automatic ridge vents to allow the perfect climate for customers and plants. To achieve a seamless integration with the existing building we installed a large, tailor made, insulated gutter which ties the two buildings together. To minimise columns in the plant sales area we installed a beam to support three spans of steelwork which allows flexible retailing below.

Additional steelwork was fitted to the existing canopy to allow the installation of new insulated composite walls and roof, new windows and the relocation of existing automatic doors – also by Newspan. The end result is a shop and cafe that are now 20% bigger – all in a building that was previously used as a canopy.

The shop and cafe are now 20% bigger than before.

Special Projects

Newspan’s structures can be adapted to suit many public access applications.