The Brief

The early 90’s glasshouse needed to be refurbished to improve appearance, security and energy efficiency. The total project consisted of refurbishing three spans of existing glasshouse and, as ever, needed to work around the day to day operation of West Somerset Garden Centre.

  • Design
    Increased building performance

    Better heat retention during the winter, less stock damaged by sun in the summer and a broader stock range now possible.

  • Deliver
    Flexible work scheduling

    We scheduled early starts and late finishes so areas like the cafe could be completed while the centre was closed, with no impact on trade.

The Solution

The overall project was split into phases to allow the customer to spread the cost and potential disruption on site. Insulated composite cladding provides much improved building performance and reduced energy costs. Inside, the space is kept bright after the installation of new roof lights and the automated ridge vent keeps the temperature at a comfortable level. Previously customers reported being uncomfortably hot or very cold before the refurbishment. Now, the temperature isn’t an issue at any time of the year.

The Managing Director Jayne Webber said: “We’re not part of a large chain; refurbishing a three span glasshouse was a big investment for us. Newspan gave us an overall price but proposed a phased delivery so we could spread the costs and budget accordingly. It helped us successfully implement our business plans”.

"We have a good working relationship that we see continuing for the long term".

Special Projects

Newspan’s structures can be adapted to suit many public access applications.