The Solution

Root One is an independent garden Garden Centre situated between Wallingford and Didcot that enjoys outstanding views to the Chilterns. Established in June 2001, the site has benefited from a substantial and sustained investment programme and the business has steadily grown into the local attraction it has now become. In 2004 the new plant area was opened along with the establishment of the Café, which sells locally sourced food.

The project brief was to construct two new buildings – one would be a new storage building with integrated office space and the other, larger building would be a new retail building with further storage space. Jeremy Brudenell, the owner of Root One, made it clear that the building aesthetics were crucial as the larger building of the two would be a focal point in the redesign of the external plant sales area. Newspan spent a lot of time with Jeremy on the selection of products and colours to ensure the final product was something he would fit in with his overall vision.

Colour choices are the same for both buildings to maintain synergy across the site. The larger building benefits from additional design features such as timber effect cladding and bespoke full height gable curtain walling, which make the retail building sit proudly as the focal point it was always intended to be.


Special Projects

Newspan’s structures can be adapted to suit many public access applications.