The Brief

The family run Thurrock Garden Centre, which originally opened 40 years ago, required an extension to the existing buildings to provide additional retail and restaurant space.

  • Design
    New Extension

    820 sq m of new space for retail and restaurant

  • Deliver
    Seamless integration

    Existing building extended length-ways

The Solution

The existing buildings on site were extended length-ways to provide an additional 820 sq m of restaurant and retail space. Conditions are kept at a comfortable level thanks to the automated opening ridge vents, whilst providing plenty of natural light throughout the building. Located in the new structure, the on site ‘Woody’s Restaurant’ has a light, airy and welcoming atmosphere for customers to sit and relax.

Additional retail and restaurant space in a high performing and comfortable building.

Special Projects

Newspan’s structures can be adapted to suit many public access applications.